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Oral Conscious Sedation

Titensor Dental lessens your dental fear or phobia by offering sedation dentistry. The type of dental sedation recommended depends on the level of your dental fear. If you experience mild fears, Dr. Titensor might recommend laughing gas (nitrous oxide). If your fear is so great you absolutely do not seek the dental attention necessary to maintain good oral health, then Dr. Titensor may recommend IV sedation. However, when your range of fear allows you to receive your necessary dental work, but you are still apprehensive about coming to the office, Dr. Titensor may recommend an option that is as simple as taking a pill: oral conscious sedation.

Right behind laughing gas, oral conscious sedation dentistry is now the most recommended dental sedation technique used in the United States. The technique is easy and requires no needles. Best of all, the medications create such a comfortable experience that you probably will not remember the visit; it is as if you slept right through the treatment – a nice concept. In reality, oral conscious sedation dentistry permits a level of awareness for your safety and your cooperation.

How Does Oral Conscious Sedation Work?

If Dr. Titensor determines oral conscious sedation is right for you, he prescribes a small pill for you to take an hour prior to your dental appointment. Because the pill puts you in a relaxed state, you must have someone drive you to our office. The oral sedation also makes you drowsy, and by the time you arrive at our office, you do not mind us escorting you to the back room for your dental work.

One of our friendly staff covers you with a thick, warm blanket and places a monitor on you to watch your vital signs. When you are comfortable, Dr. Titensor or our dental staff takes care of your dental needs. After your pain-free dental work is completed, your driver takes you home to continue your relaxing sleep.

The affects of oral conscious sedation usually remain in your system for a couple of hours; however, as in many cases with sedative use, you want to arrange someone to be with you and monitor you for 24 hours at home.

Am I A Candidate for Oral Conscious Sedation?

You are definitely a candidate for oral conscious sedation if

  • You experience stress, fear, and anxiety about visiting the dentist
  • You are afraid of the dentist
  • You require extensive dental work to be completed in one visit
  • You are resistant to numbing techniques
  • You gag easily
  • You have painful or sensitive teeth
  • You fear needles and drills

Titensor Dental wants you to be as comfortable as possible during your office visit. Ask about oral conscious sedation. We can help you can adjust your comfort level to visit our office: it is as easy as swallowing a small pill.


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