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Periodontal Deep Cleaning

Treatment of Periodontal Diseases with Perio Deep Cleaning of Teeth

Treatment methods for periodontal disease depend on the type and severity of the disease. The first, non-surgical step usually involves a special cleaning, called scaling and root planing, to remove plaque and tartar deposits on the tooth and root surfaces. This procedure referred to as "periodontal cleaning" or "perio deep cleaning" helps gum tissue to heal and reduce pocket depths. Because of the thoroughness of the deep cleaning, the procedure often takes more than one visit. The second step entails surgical methods, but only in rare cases does deep cleaning not produce effective results.

What to Expect during Perio Deep Cleaning

The two parts that make up a perio deep cleaning are scaling and root planing. The parts have different purposes but work together to start restoring your teeth to good health. Scaling scrapes away the plaque and tartar that has accumulated above and below the gum line and on the surfaces of your teeth. Root planing smooths away the rough places on the root surfaces and removes any infected surface from the tooth. Scaling and planing smooths the clean and healthy roots, allowing the gum to reattach to the roots of teeth. You cannot reverse the damage caused to your teeth by periodontal disease; however, you can stop the disease and practice prevention.

The periodontal deep cleaning procedure consists of four quadrants. The patient might need the top left and right quadrants cleaned or the lower left and right, or all four. Because the procedure requires sectional cleaning, completion can take between two and four visits to our office. If you are apprehensive about the deep cleaning procedure, Dr. Titensor offers either a local anesthesia, or our sedation dentistry services to ease your concerns.

Most times, the perio deep cleaning sufficiently treats your gum disease and creates a healthy start for optimum dental health. If the pockets around your teeth do not heal after scaling and root planing, you may require periodontal surgery to reduce the pocket depth and make your teeth easier to keep clean. You only need surgery when the tissue surrounding the tooth remains unhealthy and repair by non-surgical methods requires addition methods. Dr. Titensor can discuss further treatment and options available to you.

Periodontal Maintenance with Deep Cleanings

After treatment, you will want to visit Titensor Dental more frequently to maintain periodontal health. Good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing regularly, at home is also essential to help keep periodontal disease from becoming more serious or from recurring.

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