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As an adult, your mouth consists of three sets of molars. Around the age of six, your first molar set breaks through. Then, when you’re about 12 years old, your second set comes in. Your following and final set, known as wisdom teeth, comes in when you’re in your late teens or early twenty’s.

Determining if Your Wisdom Teeth Developed

Titensor Dental takes a dental x-ray to tell how many wisdom teeth you have and their alignment. Based on the results of your x-ray, and even though your molars serve a function, your wisdom teeth may need to be extracted in order to prevent future dental issues from developing.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Flower Mound

Molars are designed to chew and grind your food for you when you eat; however, sometimes wisdom teeth erupt misaligned and cause a wide variety of dental issues.

Common dental problems caused by wisdom teeth include:

  • Damaging the jawbone
  • Overcrowding of the teeth
  • Damaging the surrounding nerves

Extraction of the wisdom teeth is also required when the molars do not completely erupt from the jawbone or soft tissue, a condition known as being impacted. Even a slight eruption of the molars requires extraction because, if your molars remain in the mouth, conditions develop that may cause infections, resulting in swelling, jaw pain, tooth pain, and overall poor dental health.

Based on your age, you want to consider the following: A younger person's molar extraction requires less time for a full recovery, as the molar root has not completely developed and the bone still maintains pliability. An older person's molar extraction proves to be more complex, as the molar roots have joined to the bone; therefore, they experience a longer period of recovery. Please let Titensor Dental know if you are apprehensive regarding the process of extraction. We will discuss all options that are available to you, including sedation dentistry, to ease any concerns you may have. Because of his extensive training and experience, Dr. Titensor can perform all wisdom teeth extraction in office and with the anesthesia of your choice.

Wisdom Teeth Recommendations

Titensor Dental recommends extraction of the wisdom teeth if a dental checkup indicates that future dental issues may occur if they are not extracted. Usually, you return to the office at a separate scheduled time for your teeth’s extraction.

The procedure for extraction requires that your molar is removed from the socket. Dr. Titensor administers anesthesia or sedation to ensure that you remain comfortable. Next, he subtly shifts the socket to get to the ligament that is attached to the molar. Then, he removes the wisdom tooth. Before you leave the office, you receive directions for care at home. Sometimes after the extraction, your remaining teeth move. Titensor Dental will discuss your options if problems develop from their movement.

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