Laughing Gas

Titensor Dental wants you to be as comfortable as possible during your dental treatments. We offer a wide range of choices of sedation dentistry that help to alleviate anxiety and reduce discomfort. After speaking with our qualified dental staff to determine your anxiety level, he or she may recommend nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas.

Am I a Candidate for Laughing Gas?

If you experience mild to moderate anxiety, laughing gas is the most frequently used sedation method at Titensor Dental. During the inhalation of laughing gas, you remain conscious and able to breathe on your own; you develop a sense of total well-being. When you choose laughing gas, your recovery time is minimal with little to no recollection of the procedure, and you can resume normal activities. If you are unsure about the effects of laughing gas, ask for a five-minute trial during your next dental checkup to see if it is right for you.

How is Laughing Gas Administered?

Your Titensor Dental hygienist places a small mask over your nose. He or she then adjusts the control knobs and switches on the gas tank to produce the desired mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Normally, you receive a concentration of 70 percent oxygen and 30 percent nitrous oxide. Meters and gauges allow the hygienist to monitor the flow of gases you receive. As you breathe normally, your anxieties subside and you become more comfortable for your dental treatment.

Benefits of Laughing Gas

Our goal at Titensor Dental is to make your dental experience as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. Our use of laughing gas offers you the following benefits:

  • It is effective for mild to moderate anxiety.
  • It requires no injection of a needle.
  • It has a proven safety record.
  • It works immediately (reaches the brain within 20 seconds), with few side effects.
  • It provides a pain relieving effect after two or three minutes.
  • It is a sedation that does not require someone to drive you to and from the office.
  • It allows you return to normal activities immediately.
  • It allows the dental staff to monitor the laughing gas to increase or decrease the depth of sedation.
  • It allows the dental staff to administer the laughing gas for the exact time required for the treatment.
  • It leaves the body in 3 to 5 minutes upon cessation of laughing gas flow.

By selecting laughing gas, you are using an effective way to calm your anxiety and raising your pain threshold. Our main goal at Titensor Dental is for you to have an exceptional dental experience. Laughing gas is a sedation dentistry practice we offer that helps us achieve our goal for you.

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