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Full, Partial & Repairs: We Can Do It All!

Dentures have been around for hundreds of years and many people have them. As a common, effective solution for missing teeth, dentures are worn by people of all ages. Whether you’ve lost teeth as a result of injury, disease, or the aging process, the dentures dentists at Titensor Dental can help. We offer a full range of denture services and can help you whether you need full dentures, partial dentures, or denture repairs. We have been serving the Flower Mound community for over 30 years and are always available to answer your questions.

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The Difference Between Full & Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are an excellent solution if you are only missing a few teeth. Removable, partial dentures are custom made of lightweight metal alloys, partially covered by colored acrylic and secured to adjacent teeth with metal clips. An advantage to partial dentures is that they are easily removable, facilitating easier chewing. Partial dentures also allow even pressure when biting, protecting the wearing down of gum and bone where teeth are missing.

Full dentures look and function like natural teeth and, in addition to daily brushing, require removal for proper cleaning. Full dentures are an option for people who are missing all of their teeth, or for those whose remaining teeth require treatment or extraction.

Implant supported dentures or All on Four dentures are a type of overdenture that is supported by and attached to implants giving the denture much more support and less movement when eating etc. It is usually used when someone doesn’t have any teeth in their jaw, but does have enough bone to support implants. These are the optimal dentures for those able to support them. The dentists at Titensor dental are skilled in all types of dentures for your particular need.

Questions to consider when determining the fit of your dentures includes:

  • Do my dentures slip when I eat, talk, or smile?
  • Am I accumulating excess saliva?
  • Am I suffering from dry mouth?
  • Do my gums get sore?

Even with Dentures, You Still Need Regular Dental Check-Ups & Exams

Dentures, commonly referred to as “false teeth,” need to be maintained, and it is important that you continue seeing your dentist regularly, even if you’ve received a full set of dentures. Dr. Titensor has over 30 years of experience and can help you achieve good oral health, improve your quality of life, and extend the life of your dentures. Additionally, should your dentures in Flower Mound need repair, our dental office will be able to help you resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. When you need dentures, you want to call Titensor Dental.

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