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Treating Dental Toothaches

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When your tooth aches but you want to impress your friends, just say to them, "I have an odontalgia" – a toothache. Having a toothache, most times, means you experience pain from your jawline area, the area surrounding your tooth, or your tooth itself.

Your tooth pain results primarily from a dental condition as those listed here:

  • Dental cavity
  • Gum disease
  • Cracked tooth
  • Tooth root is exposed

Sometimes, the toothache stems from your jaw’s joint. Other medical factors induce tooth pain, for example, a sinus infection, an ear infection, or a heart attack. On rare occasions, jaw pain or a toothache indicates restricted blood flow to your heart. Because of their close proximity to the teeth and jaw areas, sinus and ear infections occasionally spread into the tissues of the jaw and mouth and simulate tooth pain commonly related to a dental problem.

At the onset of tooth pain, you want to contact Titensor Dental to schedule an appointment. The method of determining the source of your toothache involves Dr. Titensor or our dental team taking an x-ray. When we know the cause of your tooth pain, we recommend the appropriate restorative treatment.

Treat a Cavity Before it becomes a Toothache

Regular dental care fights against and prevents tooth decay and cavities, but if you experience tooth pain or have a toothache, these commonly signal a cavity. By the time you notice symptoms, the damage inflicted upon your teeth has most likely already gotten worse. Visit our dentist in Flower Mound as soon as you can.

In addition to tooth pain, call us today if you experience one or more of the following:

  • Swollen gums that are tender and red
  • Gums that bleed
  • Gums that pull away from your teeth, which may make your teeth seem longer
  • A bad taste that comes from your mouth
  • Bad breath that has no explanation
  • Teeth that are loose
  • Teeth that are misaligned
  • Teeth sensitive to cold or hot beverages or foods
  • Pain that causes you to avoid cleaning or brushing specific teeth or areas
  • Pain that occurs when you bite down or chew food or gum

If our team of Flower Mound family dentists treat your dental issues before you feel pain or develop any of the aforementioned symptoms, you could avoid the need for dental procedures. Again, you should schedule a regular dental cleaning and dental checkup, even if you feel alright. Also, practice healthy dental care habits, as they are effective preventive measures for optimum dental health.

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