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The Value of Effective Brushing

After you have enjoyed your favorite drink or food, bacteria immediately begins to attach to the enamel of your teeth and either seeps into your gum line. If not removed properly, plaque, a colorless, acid-producing film which causes periodontal disease, develops. Daily brushing removes plaque and lessens the chances of developing cavities or gum disease, making proper brushing the most effective, first-step dental care that you can do at home.

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How To Brush Effectively

By following the recommend method of brushing your teeth, you are on your way to complete dental care:

  • Using the right brush, usually one with soft, rounded or polished bristles which are less likely to injure your gums or damage the surface of the tooth
  • Applying toothpaste equal to the size of a small pea
  • Positioning your toothbrush at a right angle where your teeth and gums meet
  • Using a small amount of pressure to move the brush in a circular motion several times to make the bristles rotate between the teeth
  • Using vertical strokes over the inside of the upper and lower front teeth
  • Gently brushing the gum line
  • Using short, gentle strokes and a back-and-forth motion to remove the food particles from the biting surfaces of your teeth
  • Vigorously rinsing your mouth to remove plaque or food particles you loosened during brushing
  • Thoroughly rinsing your toothbrush with tap water to remove any remaining toothpaste or food fragments, then storing it in an upright position away from other toothbrushes in an open space away from the sink and toilet
  • Finally, it is important to replace your toothbrush every three to four months as worn brushes cannot properly clean your teeth and may injure your gums

The Value of Flossing

Brushing alone cannot reach those hard, in-between surfaces of your teeth or the deep, down plaque or food particles beneath your gum line. These trapped germs promote tooth decay and periodontal disease, so along with brushing your teeth daily, you must floss daily. Our Flower Mound family dentistry team can show you how to floss properly. With practice, you will find flossing only takes a few extra minutes a day to help you towards good dental care.

Your dental care begins at home with you. Along with regular dental check ups, brushing and flossing help you prevent cavities, toothaches, oral cancer, and periodontal diseases. Brushing and flossing also help Titensor Dental help you achieve optimum dental health.

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