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Dr. Titensor Teams with Smiles for Life Charity to Make Children Smile

People everywhere have the desire to give. They do so to help friends, neighbors and even strangers. They donate to causes everyday and never expect to get anything in return.

Here are some of the beautiful children your donations were able to help on our last Smiles for Life dental humanitarian trip to Guatemala. This 'traveling hat' now goes with us on all humanitarian trips to showcase the darling children throughout the world that are helped through your donations to Smiles for Life.


It's not often that these people get the chance to help others while helping themselves. But from March 1 through June 30, local Crown Council dentists Dr. Steven and Brett Titensor are presenting everyone with a unique opportunity to have their teeth professionally whitened while donating all of the proceeds to children's charities.

During this limited period of time, Titensor Dental offers professional tooth whitening to patients for far less than the normal cost as well as the ability to write the donation off on their taxes! And now, with the help of a convenient new product called the ZOOM! Weekender Kit, patients can have whiter teeth in just three days.

As members of the Crown Council, Dr. Steve and Brett Titensor raise money for the Smiles for Life Foundation that helps provide children with serious health conditions and educational deficiencies with the resources they need to live full and exciting lives. Since 1998, the Crown Council's Smiles for Life Foundation has received nearly $22 million dollars that has benefited nearly 500 children's charities across North America.

The Crown Council is an international roundtable of Dentists who are committed to excellence and have joined together to share the very best of their ideas and talents to improve the health and wellness in their community and the quality of dental care worldwide. Members are strongly committed to promoting oral health, fighting oral cancer and serving their communities through charitable work.

The Smiles for Life Foundation is the children's charity organization of the Crown Council. Each year over a four-month period, Crown Council dentists participating in the Smiles for Life campaign offer professional tooth whitening at less than their normal fee and donate 100% of the proceeds to children's charities across the United States and Canada.

Through a unique partnership with legendary entertainer Garth Brooks and his Teammates for Kids Foundation, Smiles for Life is able to guarantee that all of the money raised by Crown Council members like Dr. Titensor goes to children's charities in this community and communities across North America. Together they are making a difference and giving children the gift of a smile.

"Dentists and their office teams do everything for free, the people at Discus Dental donate all of the supplies, and kids get 100% of the money," explains Greg Anderson, Director of the Crown Council. "Best of all, children get a reason to smile. Everyone involved benefits."

Dr. Titensor emphasizes how simple the process is: "The professional teeth whitening procedure is painless, only requires a few minutes in the dental chair, and patients can have whiter teeth in just three days."

"My team and I are ready to whiten people's teeth for a great cause," explains Dr. Titensor, "and I'm excited about meeting people who want to help children."

Professional teeth whitening is actually a bleaching process that lightens discolorations of the enamel and dentin. Patients who have healthy, unrestored teeth are ideal candidates for the teeth whitening process.

Tooth discoloration occurs for a variety of reasons. Though tooth color is mostly an inherited trait, it also depends upon the condition of the patient's teeth, general dental health, and lifestyle considerations.

The causes of tooth discoloration can be both external and internal. Drinking coffee, tea, and colas as well as using tobacco products are some external causes of staining. Internal causes include disease, injury, previous dental work, and the aging process.

It's no surprise that older teeth have been exposed to a wider variety of staining. These stains tend to accumulate in small cracks and chips that commonly develop with age. Bleaching can be extremely effective at reducing these types of stains.

The professional teeth whitening process is short and simple. After a thorough examination, Dr. Titensor will determine if you are a viable candidate for the bleaching process. If you are, the doctor will then take an impression of your mouth and cast a model of your teeth. Once the model is prepared, a bleaching tray will be formed over it. The bleaching tray will accommodate a bleaching gel and precisely fit around your teeth.

From then on, it's up to you. With the ZOOM! Weekender Kit, you will put a small amount of the bleaching gel into the tray. You then place the tray over your teeth and wear it for a few hours. Most people choose to wear the tray at night or while sleeping. However, you can wear the tray anywhere and at anytime. In just three days, your teeth can be shades whiter.

"I'm ready and my team is ready to whiten people's teeth for a great cause," explains Dr. Titensor, "and I'm excited about meeting people who want to help children."

To whiten your smile and brighten the life of a child, contact Titensor Dental and schedule an appointment before the end of June.


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