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Titensor Dental is proud to have won the 'Best of Denton County" since 2013.

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2017 - Cosmetic Dentist (Dr. Titensor) & Dental Implant Dentist (Dr. Steven Titensor)





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Simple daily oral hygiene will provide you with a lifetime of smiles.


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Dental Care - At Home

Brushing – The Value of Effective Brushing

After you have enjoyed your favorite drink or food, bacteria immediately begins to attach to the enamel of your teeth and either seeps or wedges into your gum line. If not removed properly, plaque, a colorless, acid-producing film which causes periodontal disease, develops. Daily brushing removes plaque and lessens the chances of developing cavities or gum disease; therefore, the most effective, first-step dental care that you can do at home is proper brushing. Titensor Dental can instruct you on proper brushing methods and preferred oral care products.

Brushing – The How-To of Effective Brushing

brushing-flower-mound-texas-dentistTitensor Dental evaluates your individual needs and determines the preferred brush you should use, usually a brush with soft, rounded or polished bristles which are less likely to injure your gums or damage the surface of the tooth. Once you have applied toothpaste equal to that of the size of a small pea, position your toothbrush at a right angle where your teeth and gums meet beginning with the outer surfaces. With a small amount of pressure, move the brush in a circular motion several times making sure the bristles rotate between the teeth. Follow this same method of brushing for the inside surfaces of your back teeth. For the inside of the upper and lower front teeth, you want to use vertical strokes over each tooth, and remember to include the gentle brushing of the gum line.

As you move to the biting surfaces of your teeth, use short, gentle strokes. A back-and-forth motion helps to remove the food particles you freed by correctly brushing between your teeth and near the gum line.

Once you finished brushing your teeth, make sure to vigorously rinse your mouth to remove any plaque or food particles you loosened during your brushing. In addition, you want to thoroughly rinse your toothbrush with tap water to remove any remaining toothpaste or food fragments, position it in an upright position away from other toothbrushes, and store in an open space away from the sink and toilet. Titensor Dental warns that worn out toothbrushes cannot properly clean your teeth and may injure your gums, and that toothbrushes should be replaced every three to four months or when the bristles lose their effectiveness.

By following the recommend method of brushing your teeth as outlined above, you are on your way to complete dental care.

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From A Patient

Tooth way, way back. Dr. Titensor and his team had to replace an old crown as far back as you can go in my mouth. They did a great job in a reasonable amount of time and I experience almost no pain during the procedure and very little soreness afterward.

Bob B


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