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Full Dentures

Full dentures, sometimes called "false teeth," replace missing teeth. The practice of making replacement teeth began in 700 BC with teeth being hand carved by tradesmen from ivory and bone – a tedious and time-consuming process. Today, Titensor Dental can manufacture an upper, lower, or a full set of dentures in our office for your convenience. Using a porcelain composite, Titensor Dental can quickly manufacture your false teeth to fit comfortably and look natural.

Am I a Candidate for Full Dentures?

When all of your teeth are missing or the remaining teeth you do have require dental treatments, Dr. Titensor may recommend the extraction of the remaining teeth, so he can give you a fully functional smile with dentures. In addition, full dentures make it easier for you to eat and speak. With full dentures, Dr. Titensor can control the size, shape, and color of all your teeth. At Titensor Dental, we want you to feel confident when you smile. Sometimes, full dentures are required to accomplish a confident feeling!

Who Makes Full Dentures?

At Titensor Dental, we manufacture your custom-made full dentures. The process takes more than one appointment to create your perfect smile – usually four or six. During your initial visit to our office, Dr. Titensor or his hygienist will take impressions of your mouth. At later visits, Dr. Titensor will recommend and you will select the appropriate size, shape, and color of your artificial teeth.

What Keeps Full Dentures in Place?

When you place your denture over your gum, you create suction between your gum and the denture. Normally, the suction is sufficient to hold your denture in place. Sometimes, you may want to use an adhesive to secure your false teeth. If you experience constant slipping of the device, a more permanent solution that Dr. Titensor can offer is dental implants. He also offers Implant Supported Dentures, which uses dental implants, usually mini implants to hold full dentures in place.

How Call I Tell if Full Dentures Fit Correctly?

With the impression Dr. Titensor took of your mouth, your full dentures should fit properly; however, sometimes an adjustment is required. You will want to allow at least a month or so to adjust to your full dentures, allowing your speaking, eating, and smiling functions to become natural with your new teeth, but if at any time, you experience discomfort or notice that your top and bottom dentures do not align properly, call our office immediately. We want you to enjoy your new, full dentures without any difficulties.

The following are suggestions to aid you in determining a proper fit of your new false teeth and to help you through the adjustment period.

Proper Fit?

  • Do your dentures slip while you eat, talk, or smile?
  • Do your gums get sore?
  • Do you accumulate excessive saliva or dry mouth?

Helpful Aids

  • Eating – Cut smaller-sized bites when eating, steam vegetables, avoid hard-to-eat meats (i.e., steak)
  • Speaking – Read aloud to notice pronunciation difficulties
  • Adjusting – massage gums gently, drink water to help dry mouth or reduce excessive saliva
  • Slipping – Ask Titensor Dental for their recommended dental adhesive

How are Full Dentures Maintained?

Designed and fitted correctly, full dentures look and function like natural teeth; however, full dentures are removable for proper cleaning, and just like natural teeth, dentures require daily brushing.

Just like your natural teeth, full dentures collect bacteria and create plaque. Plaque builds up on your gums, as well. You will want to brush your false teeth and gums gently with mild soap, mild dishwashing detergent, or baking soda. Unlike with your natural teeth, toothpaste is too abrasive for dentures. Titensor Dental can recommend the appropriate cleaner for your full dentures.

Will I still Need Dental Checkups / Exams with Full Dentures?

Absolutely! Titensor Dental always enjoys seeing our patients. Even though you have full dentures, you still want to schedule dental check-ups or exams. Dr. Titensor will want to check the soft tissue of your mouth, including your tongue and cheeks. The dental check-up is an excellent opportunity for him to determine any infections or mouth conditions and perform an oral cancer exam. Correcting dental issues at their earliest stage is how Titensor Dental maintains your optimal oral health. Based on your specific dental health, Dr. Titensor can discuss how often you want to visit our office.

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