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Helpful Procedures For Improved Dental Function

Sinus Lift

When your dental treatment requires the use of dental implants to be successful, our dentists must conduct an evaluation to determine if your jaw bone can support dental implants. If your bone structure needs to be improved prior to placement of dental implants, one option may be a sinus lift.

Sinus lift, or sinus augmentation, is a surgery that adds bone to your upper jaw, usually in the molar and premolar area. Dr. Titensor uses the procedure to ready the jaw bone for dental implants by a means of bone grafting. The bone composite harvests between your jaw and your maxillary sinuses, located on either side of your nose. To accommodate the new bone growth, your sinus membrane needs to be "lifted."

Am I a Candidate for a Sinus Lift?

If your bone in your upper jaw requires strengthening structurally to accommodate dental implants or your sinus cavities are too close to your upper jaw, then you are definitely a candidate for a sinus lift. Read below to see if you have experienced any of the conditions that warrant a sinus lift.

  • You have lost teeth in your upper jaw, specifically your back teeth.
  • You have had periodontal disease that weakened your jaw bone.
  • You have lost teeth allowing bone to become resorbent.
  • You have sinuses located too close to the jaw bone for proper placement of he dental implants.

Dr. Titensor or his hygienists can perform a CT scan or take x-rays to determine if adequate space is available for your dental implants. If there is not enough space, a sinus lift will easily open up the area. Sinus lifts are a common, safe procedure that has become more popular as more patients are turning to dental implant use for their dental treatments.

How is a Sinus Lift Performed?

Your sinus lift is a three-part procedure: preparation, implementation, and follow up.

  • Preparation: As mentioned, a Titensor Dental team member takes a CT scan or x-ray to determine the framework of your jaw and sinuses, showing the height and width of your existing bone and showing the condition of your sinuses. Titensor Dental uses freeze-dried bone for your sinus lift. The freeze-dried bone is processed to be sterile, granular, and compatible with your body. The use of freeze-dried bone in the bone grafting procedure stimulates your body to form a natural bone at the site of the dental implant.
  • Implementation: Dr. Titensor cuts your gum tissue where your molars used to be. He raises the tissue to expose your jaw bone, and then cuts an oval pattern into the bone. On the other side of the bone, sinus membrane rests. The membrane separates your sinus from your jaw bone. Once Dr. Titensor has access to this area, he packs the granular, freeze-dried bone matter into the cavity. With his excellent training in bone grafting procedures, Dr. Titensor easily determines the amount of bone to use. Once he accomplishes ample packing of the bone matter, he sutures your gum tissues. The sinus lift takes four to nine months to harvest new bone. After that, you will return to our office for placement of your dental implants.
  • Follow up: You must take precautionary measures after your sinus lift. A forceful sneeze or blowing your nose too hard may result in movement of the bone graft materials or undoing of the sutures. Dr. Titensor may send you home with a saline nose spray to keep the inner lining of your nose moist and a prescription to lessen your chances of sneezing. In addition, you will receive pain medication, an antibiotic, and mouthwash antiseptic. We will schedule an appointment for you to return to our office in seven to ten days at which time Dr. Titensor will evaluate your healing process and possibly remove some of your sutures. A few more visits may be required to monitor the healing process.

Once your new bone has completely harvested, it is ready to support the dental implant for your new tooth. Titensor Dental can offer an exceptionally pain-free dental experience during your sinus lift procedure. Ask about our sedation dentistry when you call.

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